Idaho Nature Probe

ObserveForm QuestionHypothesizePlan ExperimentCollect DataAnalyze DataCompare Data

Getting Started

To take part in this program, you will need to become an Idaho Nature Probe member. Membership is free, providing you with your own password that allows you to access your data, compare it with similar experiments throughout Idaho, and allows us to keep track of repeat records from the same location.


Method Modules

Choose from the following Method Modules or create a module of your own.

▪ Comparing bird feeder design

▪ Exploring the effect of      magpies at feeders

▪ Testing the magpie's sense of smell

▪ Testing the magpie's memory

▪ Exploring social play in magpies

Idaho Nature Probe is a citizen science monitoring program that is administered through a partnership between the S.M. Stoller's Environmental Surveillance Education and Research Program (ESER), Idaho Fish and Game Department, and Idaho NatureMapping.  Our goal is to encourage Idahoans of all ages to get involved in helping scientists learn more about our native habitats.

This program will incorporate the scientific method.  Participants will:

  1. Observe

  2. Form a question

  3. Make an hypothesis

  4. Plan an experiment to test the hypothesis

  5. Collect data

  6. Analyze data

  7. Compare results with other student- and citizen-scientists

Schools, community groups, individuals, naturalists, backyard enthusiasts are encouraged to engage in the monitoring of Idaho's plants and animals.

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